Summer’s break is over for Edison’s Legacy

This fall, Edison’s Legacy comes back on stage for a main event at l’Atelier for the 10th anniversary of « l’Atelier part en live »

After the coaching session under Alexandre Lambert’s sharp supervision we tested our new set on stage this sping. It allowed us to master it and consider the feed backs of the different audiences we presented it to.

We then took advantage of the summer break to create new songs and integrate them in our show.

I must say I feel a bit of tension getting closer to the d-date. There wil be a lot of professionals and people who have been fallowing us for a long time. And we don’t just wanna please them we want to surprise them – as well as all the people who will be discovering us that night.

But we worked miticuesly and we payed attention on staying coherent while bringing new nuances in our set. Now it’s all on the public’s reaction. but I don’t worry much as I know that when Jerome lets loose, nobody can resist the vibes.

I’m quiet excited to get on stage!

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